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上错班7年才发现单位是别家 中英文翻译对照

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上班7年上错公司是怎么回事?上班7年上错公司真相曝光!楚天都市报9月8日讯 汉口一位单亲妈妈陈女士,在一家影楼上班7年,当她通过法院向影楼索要社保补贴时, What happened to the wro
上班7年上错公司是怎么回事?上班7年上错公司真相曝光!楚天都市报9月8日讯 汉口一位单亲妈妈陈女士,在一家影楼上班7年,当她通过法院向影楼索要社保补贴时,
What happened to the wrong company after seven years at work? The truth of the wrong company after seven years at work came to light! A single mother of Chutian Metropolitan Daily, Ms. Chen, who worked in a studio for seven years, demanded social security subsidy from the studio through the court.
Only to find that he did not work in the studio of the contract, but to work in another studio in the same hospital. Yesterday, a source from the Jiangan District Legal Aid Center said that Ms. Chen did not go to the wrong job, but the studio "clever", public welfare lawyers eventually for her justice.
Ms. Chen, 42, a single mother, lived alone with her son after her divorce 11 years ago. Her monthly salary of 3,000 yuan is not only for social insurance, but also for her son's life and school.
And so on. As her son grew older, Ms. Chen's financial pressure grew stronger and stronger, and the 800 yuan a month social security premium made her unbearable.
In March 2017, Ms. Chen told the studio A company she had been working for seven years that she hoped A would pay for social insurance. However, the answer she received was "the salary already contains 500 yuan of social security subsidy".
After consulting her lawyer, Ms. Chen learned that company A's practice was illegal and seriously infringed on its legitimate rights and interests. She could leave her job on the grounds that the company did not pay social security, and asked the company to pay financial compensation.
In May of that year, after Ms. Chen resigned in writing, she applied to Wuhan Jiangan District Legal Aid Center for legal aid. Lawyer Cao Hongling of Hubei Jinwei Law Firm was appointed to undertake the case for free.
Cao found Ms. Chen, hoping that she would provide proof of labour relations. Ms. Chen said she did not have a labor contract because every time she signed the contract, the studio would take it away.
They only have the resignation application form and the bank details of the payroll. But there is no company seal on the application form, and no company name on the details of the payroll transfer bank. That is to say, Ms. Chen has no evidence to prove the labor relationship directly.
Ms. Chen found the bank and reprinted the detailed list with the name of the wage payment unit. Lawyer Cao applied for labor arbitration on behalf of Ms. Chen, claiming compensation for social insurance losses and economic compensation for the dissolution of labor relations.
When Ms. Chen felt that the victory was in hand, there was an accident in the trial. The studio A produced a labor contract signed by Ms. Chen and signed with the official seal of the studio B company.
Did it take 7 years to go to the wrong company? Ms. Chen is also puzzled, each time when signing a contract only in the signature office signature, did not pay attention to the name of the company, and studio A company does hang on the door of studio B company signs, is it really wrong?
Lawyer Cao told reporters that if Ms. Chen really had labor relations with studio B, not only would all the legal procedures have to be repeated, but it might also be considered absenteeism, and even the appeal for social security subsidy and economic compensation could not be supported.
Lawyer Cao asked Ms. Chen not to panic, she took the bank transfer wage details as evidence, to prove that Chen's salary by the studio A company. Meanwhile, Cao lawyer carefully checked the business license and found the business address of the two studio companies.
The business scope is exactly the same, and verification has confirmed that the two companies are run by a pair of siblings, although they are two companies, but share a set of personnel and financial personnel.
These evidence completely overturned the words of A. 10 days later, the labor arbitration committee supported Ms. Chen's claim. A, a photo studio, sued the people's Court of Jiang'an District for failing to accept the arbitration award. At the end of last year, the ruling of arbitration was maintained by the first instance.
At the beginning of this year, studio A still refused to accept the appeal and appealed to the Wuhan intermediate court.
After the lawsuit was reached, the general manager of A studio, Bibi (surnamed Xing), was informed of the lawsuit. He took the initiative to find a judge, saying that the matter is the studio personnel department responsible for "clever" caused, not the studio's real intentions, willing to compensate Ms. Chen according to the results of the first trial decision.
Today, Ms. Chen told reporters, after mediation, studio A company paid her social security compensation, economic compensation, a total of 56,000 yuan.
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